20-20 May 2021
Conference Chair

Julian Agostini, CEO, Mash Media 
10:30 - 11:15 - Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

In this session, we'll discuss what's the right balance
1) How to ensure employees are passionate about your company's vision, so they will be enthusiastic about executing the plan
2)What's competitive and what's generous when it comes to benefits
3) How leaders take their teams with them on the next chapter of their companies growth strategies
4) The 5 workplace disruptors that can kill you or make you stronger
5) The cultures and values that every company needs to have

Peter Jones, CEO, Nineteen Events
Raphael Sofoluke, CEO & Founder of UK Black Business Show
Suzanne King, Chief Operating Officer, CloserStill Media
12:00 - 12:45 - The Strategic Adjustments Needed to Accelerate the Future of Exhibitions

In this section we will discuss
1) How we marry digital and live
2) How do we diversify our business to be more resilient over the next 50 years
3) What should every senior event professional should be doing to plan for growth
4) How do we get Governments to realise the contribution our industry has on economies

Douglas Emslie, CEO, Tarsus
Hugh Jones, CEO, Reed
Lori Hoinkes, Managing Director of Montgomery Events, part of Montgomery Group
Simon Kimble, Chairman, Clarion
14:00 - 14:45 The Role of an Industry Association in a Crisis

Chris Skeith, CEO, AEO
Rachel Parker, Director, AEV
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